Welcome to Promise City
Author Greg Cox
Publication date July 28, 2009
Published by Pocket Star
ISBN 978-1416543220
Publication Order
Preceded by
Wet Work
Followed by
Promises Broken

This book picks up directly after the last episode where Collier's P-Positives were controlling Seattle after the promicin outbreak left thousands dead and NTAC scrambling. Everything that happens in the book follows perfectly with the TV show: the characters think, talk, and behave as they did on the show and, thankfully, the author completely avoided adding any tweaks to their personalities as so often happens in books like this. Not only are the characters consistent, but the plot follows perfectly in line with what would have likely happened in the show had it continued.

All of the core characters (including the Marked) appear in the book and play significant roles in advancing the plot.

Welcome to Promise City, by Greg Cox, is the third book based on the series.

See Also Edit

  • The Vesuvius Prophecy - the first book based on the series. It was released in June 2008. Set during the show's third season, the plot revolves around Maia's prophecy of the eruption of Mt. Rainier.
  • Wet Work - the second original novel based on the series. It is set during the show's second season. Its plot concerns Tom and Diana's hunt for a rogue government assassin who uses her promicin powers to kill people.
  • Promises Broken is the fourth book based on the series and the second set after the end of the show.It concludes the saga of the 4400.

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