Trent Appelbaum is a member of The 4400 and one with a rather unique power.

Trent Applebaum
Trent Appelbaum
Portrayed by Robert Picardo
First appearance Weight of the World
In-story statistics
Ability Metabolism acceleration
Disappeared May 18, 1989
Occupation Telemarketer
Children Elise Appelbaum

Character History Edit

Episode:Weight of The World Edit

Trent's saliva causes the rapid acceleration of people's metabolism. At first this manifests itself as weight loss, and Trent initially sold the formula as a diet supplement for $40 million. It soon became clear that the weight loss continued far beyond the point at which it was healthy, and that those exposed would die before long. Trent is horrified to discover this, and after his daughter Elise deliberately exposes herself to his saliva (from a glass he had drunk from) in an attempt to lose weight, he volunteers for an invasive procedure to remove part of his liver in order for NTAC to develop a counter-agent. NTAC are successful, and Elise lives, along with the hundred people that the company who bought the rights to Appelbaum's formula were using as test subjects. His first two "customers", a loan-shark and his wife, were not so lucky, and died of malnutrition.

4400 Abilities Edit

Metabolism acceleration is the ability to produce an enzyme that, in the human body, speeds the metabolism exponentially, causing the person that receives this enzyme to die of starvation without intervention.

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