Sarah Rutledge
Sarah Rutledge
Portrayed by Alice Krige
First appearance Gone, Part I
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Character History Edit

Gone, Part I Edit

Maia and her mother Diana preparing to go out on a day trip, pack their items into their car and converse about Maia’s friend Amy. Maia realizes she forgot her jumper and goes back upstairs to retrieve it, and as she walks away, she comes to a standstill with a shocked face. "You’re gonna forget me," – Maia tells her mother. Maia says she saw it in her visions, and that it is not Diana’s fault. She then heads back into the apartment. After waiting a short period and becoming impatient, Diana returns upstairs to find a woman with Maia: Sarah Rutledge, Maia’s sister.

Maia and Sarah reminisce about the past and how Maia’s parents missed her. Diana asks Maia to give Sarah and her a moment and the adults speak in Diana’s kitchen. Diana explains to Sarah how she had spent years trying to track down Maia's sister. Sarah explains how she just wants to know Maia.

Maia plays a game of badminton with her friend and fellow 4400, Amy Paspalis. Shortly into the game Sarah appears and in a soft raised voice utters "Maia." At NTAC Tom rushes to Diana’s desk and explains that the DNA test has returned negative, Sarah is not Maia’s sister.

Maia listens to Billie Holiday music at Sarah’s home, in her new bedroom, an exact replica of her bedroom before her abduction. Maia shouts to Sarah but receives no reply. Leaving the room she heads down the hallway and attempts to open the door – it is, however, locked. Up the hallway a door opens and a young girl, Lindsay, leaves the room. She explains that Sarah will not come, and that Maia is part of Sarah's “collection,” with several other children.

Sarah explains to Maia they are ready to begin, and that Maia and the other children are special. They are sending Maia back earlier, much earlier, because they had calculated wrong last time and they have to try again as there is no other hope for humanity. Maia tells her she does not care, she wants to stay with her mom. Sarah says she can make the pain go away, they will make her forget her mother, and everyone around her will forget her as well. “All hope we have rests with you.”

A bright light flashes down on Maia and she disappears. Scenes of the current time are shown, with all references to Maia vanishing from it.


The fact that Maia might actually have had a 'real' sister named Sarah seems to be born out by the fact that Diana informs Sarah that she has been searching various parts of the world in search of her.

Diana also mentions to Tom that, "It's in her file. Maia's parents had a baby five years after her disappearance and her name was Sarah."

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