Rebecca Parrish
Portrayed by Penny Johnson
First appearance One of Us
In-story statistics
Date of death Deceased
Occupation National Intelligence Director

Rebecca Parrish is the National Intelligence Director and a member of "the Marked".

Character History Edit

Rebecca Parrish was the Director of National Intelligence for the United States, and eventual overall head of NTAC following the 4400's return. Rebecca, despite working in Washington D.C. along with the rest of the country's officials, kept a close watch on the Seattle Branch of NTAC, which served as the center of 4400 activity. She is involved with every official NTAC case, such as investigating the 4400, and later the hunt for Jordan Collier, Isabelle Tyler and Richard Tyler.

Unbeknownst to anyone, Rebecca was secretly a member of The Marked, a team of future agents placed inside the bodies of powerful political figureheads for the purpose of manipulating the timeline to their end and eliminating the 4400.

Under the Marked entity's direction, Rebecca became involved with business related to thwarting the 4400's mission in the past, such as Operation: Firewall's Promicin inhibitor program (implied when Dennis Ryland mentioned to Max Hudson that the program had been given clearance at "the highest level").

Rebecca visited the Seattle Branch to meet with Regional Director Meghan Doyle (who she recommended for the post following Nina Jarvis' dismissal) and her two top agents; Diana Skouris and Tom Baldwin (who had been implanted with a Marked mind-control device due to the actions of Marked agent Drew Imroth). Rebecca explained she and the entire administration were concerned that Seattle Branch was making too many mistakes, most recently the failed capture of Richard and Isabelle. Meanwhile, what she was really doing was beginning to activate Tom's implant.

When the entity in Tom finally emerged, Rebecca served as his contact (following Imroth's willing suicide) and together planned to implant Collier and use his ability to wipe out promicin from the Earth. To this end, Rebecca was given the trigger to the kill-switch inside Isabelle placed during her time in prison, and used it to make her bring Collier to them, in exchange Richard would be freed.

Rebecca went back on the deal, and instead ordered Isabelle to murder Kyle Baldwin, Collier's second-in-command and successor. Isabelle turned on Rebecca and, despite her activation of the kill-switch, Rebecca and her guards were brutally killed.

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