Olivia Cheng
Olivia Cheng
Character Wheat Field Reporter
Origin Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Gender Venus symbol red
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Olivia Cheng is the actress who portrays the wheat field reporter in the episode, The New World.

About Edit

Olivia Cheng is a versatile young talent who is an actress, broadcast journalist, published writer and correspondent for "Entertainment Tonight Canada".

Born and raised in Edmonton, she demonstrated her star quality early on. While attending Edmonton's Mandarin Bilingual Program she'd cast her schoolmates in lunch-hour plays, lobbied successfully to become editor-in-chief of her Mandarin newspaper and presented school projects as theatrical performances, news reports or mock documentaries.

Encouraged by her parents to pursue a career in business or science, Olivia enrolled in undergraduate studies at the University of Alberta. However, she quickly realized she hated the path she was on. Scared to tell her parents how unhappy she was, she secretly dropped out of University to enroll in the Northern Alberta Institute of Technologies' broadcast journalism program. She also found a legitimate acting agent to represent her after years of being ripped off by scam agencies. In spite of her parents' eventual protests and concerns, Olivia set out to follow in the footsteps of her media and acting idols: Oprah Winfrey, Sandra Oh, Lucy Liu and Lisa Ling.

Within a few years Olivia became one of the youngest reporters to join Canada's Global News Network. She also branched out as a features writer and has had her work printed nationally in various publications. Just as Olivia's star was rising as a media personality, in the summer of 2005 she landed her first major role opposite Robert Duvall and Thomas Haden Church in an American Movie Channel miniseries called "Broken Trail". Set in 1897 Olivia plays Ye Fung, an angry and terrified girl traumatized by her experience in America.

After filming wrapped on Broken Trail Olivia moved to Vancouver to study and pursue acting on a larger scale. It was around this time when Entertainment Tonight Canada recruited her to work as an on-air correspondent. Canada has since watched her goofy personality shine in interviews with Kevin Spacey, Jack Black, Sandra Oh, Jessica Alba, Dane Cook, Kate Bosworth, Brandon Routh, Andy MacDowell, Rebecca De Mornay, Courtney Cox, Sam Elliot, and many others.

Trivia Edit

  • Olivia speaks both English and Mandarin.

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