Nancy Sivak
Nancy Sivak
Character Dr. Anapurn
Origin Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Gender Venus symbol red
IMDb profile

Nancy Sivak is the actress who portrays Dr. Anapurn in the episodes, Blink, The Ballad of Kevin and Tess and The Starzl Mutation.

About Edit

Nancy has been working as an actor in Vancouver for the past 15 years. She has worked on the stage, as well as in TV and film. Some of her favorite roles have been in the films Everyone, Last Wedding, Protection, Dirty and The Life.

She is also passionately involved in the world of independent film, which has taken her to film festivals all over the world. During the past 8 years, Nancy has become an acting teacher and coach. As well as being an instructor at VFS, she teaches at the Lyric Acting School.

Nancy recently made the leap into directing films, while continuing to act, as her career expands into many disciplines of the artistic world.

  Season Three Cast edit

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