Max Hudson
Max Hudson
Portrayed by Tom Verica
First appearance Lockdown
In-story statistics
Date of death Deceased
Occupation Doctor at NTAC

Character History Edit

Max Hudson was a doctor at NTAC, and worked with Doctor Pinero since he started working for the agency, serving in NTAC Medical.

Following the 4400's return, Hudson examined Orson Bailey after his arrest to determine how he gained his telekinetic powers. Hudson discovered that, amongst the normal four transmitters that regulated the body, in Bailey and other 4400's still in quarantine, a fifth neurotransmitter existed, which was named promicin, which allowed 4400's to develop abilities. When Dennis Ryland gave his report on the subject to his superiors in Washington D.C., they panicked, and 6 officials joined with Ryland to create Operation: Firewall, and involved Hudson by ordering him and his staff to synthesize and administer a drug to every 4400 during their checkups to inhibit the formation of promicin. Hudson succeeded, but insisted the drug was not ready and too dangerous to use, but Ryland, spurned by the actions of Oliver Knox, ordered him to do it anyway. The inhibitor worked near-perfectly, as the majority of the 4400 population lacked an ability, only a tiny percentage had one. The drug he used on them was named the promicin inhibitor.

Hudson continued with his public duties, however, and he formed friendships with Tom Baldwin and Diana Skouris, but soon his fears of the promicin-inhibitor becoming dangerous were realized when hundreds of 4400's had their immune systems compromised by the inhibitor, causing them to fall ill and begin to die. Hudson tried desperately to keep 4400's from dying, meanwhile trying to cover his own tracks. This failed, and he was forced to confess his actions to Baldwin and Skouris, and then went back to work to try and find a cure.

Ryland, who wanted all of the 4400's to die, arranged for Hudson to be assassinated. When Hudson went home for the night, he unlocked his car and got into the drivers seat, and sat there thinking about all of the terrible things he had caused. Just then the assassin walked up, got into the back-seat and shot Hudson in the back of head, killing him, and then planted evidence to make it seem like suicide before departing. His cause of death was ruled as suicide due to stress by his colleagues, but Baldwin realized the truth when he confronted Ryland with evidence on "Firewall" Hudson had pointed to in a note he gave to Diana shortly before his death.

Hudson's mistake was ratified thanks to Kevin Burkhoff's anti-serum to the inhibitor, curing the 4400 and allowing everyone abilities of their own, Ryland and his co-conspirators were brought to justice, and Hudson's original inhibitor formula was refined into the concentrated promicin-inhibitor, which is now used by NTAC to keep dangerous 4400's in lockup under control.

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