Matthew Kevin Anderson
Matthew Kevin Anderson
Also known as Matt Anderson
Character Randy Atwater
Origin Canada
Gender Mars symbol blue
IMDb profile

Matt Anderson is the actor who portrays Randy Atwater in the episode, Blink.

About Edit

As a kid, Matthew moved around… a lot! Every few years he would find himself in a new school or country where he would have to make new friends and adapt to new cultures and situations. This allowed Matthew to grow up inspired by change and new experiences, which created an excellent blue print for working in the entertainment industry.

After graduating from Vancouver Film School’s Full time Program, Matthew booked a lucrative job hosting for the television series “Select” on MTV Canada, a Top 10 video count down show where he got the opportunity to interview many of the largest A-list musicians in the world.

A few years later, Matthew left hosting to continue his pursuit of acting in film and television. It wasn’t long before he was booking pivotal supporting roles opposite established and well-known actors in the industry, such as Anna Paquin in the feature “Trick R’Treat”, Mimi Rogers in “Storm Cell”, Cuba Gooding Jr. in “Hardwired”, and Brooke Burns in “Trial by Fire”.

After gaining a solid resume, in 2010 Matthew was granted an 01 Artist’s Visa and made the move to Los Angeles. Having been cast in several US-based projects already, Matthew is intently focused and working hard at carving out a place for himself in the American market. Matthew is thrilled to have just wrapped three movies back to back, including his first lead in a SyFy Original feature film.

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