Marco Pacella
Marco Pacella
Portrayed by Richard Kahan
First appearance The New and Improved Carl Morrissey
In-story statistics
Ability Teleportation
Home Seattle, WA
Occupation Lead Analyst at NTAC
Significant other formerly Diana Skouris

Marco Pacella works at NTAC and helps out in the Theory Room.

Character History Edit

Marco Pacella is the lead analyst in NTAC's theory room. Alongside fellow "brains" P.J. and Brady, Marco aids Tom Baldwin and Diana Skouris in their investigations by supplying them with in-depth analysis and technological expertise.

His friendship with Diana slowly blossomed into a romance, but the relationship was short-lived. Diana ended their courtship, convinced the two had no real future and believing they were better off as friends.

Marco has helped solve many of NTAC's most difficult cases and continues to be a valuable asset and a respected member of the team.

Promicin-induced Ability Edit

Marco developed the ability to teleport after exposure to airborne promicin. His sole demonstration of this ability came in The Great Leap Forward, where, by looking at a photo of a poster of Jordan Collier in Promise City, he subconsciously teleported himself to there.

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