Lona Callahan
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In-story statistics
Alias The wraith
Formal name Lona Callahan
Disappeared June 7 1992
Home Seattle, WA

Lona Callahan is one of the 4400 returnees. She is the main protagonist in the 4400 book Wet works. She was given the ability of super speed.

Character History Edit

She was one of the CIA's best assassins, getting rid of people the CIA thought would be a threat to the public or the government. She was in Baltimore, Maryland when she was abducted on the 7th June 1992.

When she was retuned she was put in Quarantine with the other 4400 and was questioned by Tom who thought she was suspicious. After 6 weeks N tac let her and the others go and she soon discovered she had an ability to move faster than another human. Still trying to make sense of what happened to her and the 4399 other people who appeared in a ball of light she soon discovers that she has been given a mission to get rid of a list of people who would threaten the 4400 and the future of humanity.

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