Lindsey Hammond
Portrayed by Alexia Fast
First appearance Gone, Part II
In-story statistics
Ability Glass-Altering Oil
Disappeared Nov. 23, 1979
Other relatives unnamed stepfather

Lindsey Hammond is a 4400 child who was kidnapped by "Sarah Rutledge" to be re-seeded into the future to change its outcome.

Character History Edit

Gone, Part II Edit

Lindsey has the ability to alter the molecular structure in complex or composite materials e.g. glass. Lindsey and four other 4400 children were targeted by a future agent claiming to be Sarah Rutledge as part of the People from the Future's plan to alter the timeline further to stop The Catastrophe. Lindsey was the first among the group to be abducted, and her stepfather, mistakenly believing she had run away, filed a missing persons report with NTAC, who sent agents Tom Baldwin and Diana Skouris to find her, without success, and ultimately abandoned the search when Maia Skouris was kidnapped by "Sarah". While trapped in "Sarah"'s house, Lindsey befriended Maia, and planned with the other children to escape, but this failed before it even began because they were in fact already in the future. Lindsey was taken away by Sarah's bouncer and her memory wiped in preparation to send her back in time, but her memories were restored and Lindsey was freed after Tom brokered a deal with "Sarah".

Many months later, during the upheaval caused by Jordan Collier's distribution of promicin to the world, Lindsey was among the 4400's who flocked to Collier's banner and settled in Promise City, and Lindsey became one of its most influential citizens. On Maia's birthday, Lindsey called her friend via. cell phone and told her that she had a "very cool" birthday present and ultimately convinced her to come to Promise City against her mother's wishes. Lindsey's friends in the city arranged for Maia to get past the government blockades, and Lindsey gave Maia the ultimate present; to talk to her deceased biological parents Mary and Ethan.

Alternate Future Edit

In the alternate timeline produced when the children were sent further back in time, Lindsey was adopted by rocket pioneer Robert Goddard and she invented the composite materials used in the first lunar colonies (which existed in that reality).

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