Life force manipulation
Life manipulation
Shawn uses his ability on a high school foe.
Held by: Shawn Farrell
Ability to: Control the flow of life force

Life-Force Manipulation is the ability to control the flow of an animal or a human's life force. With this ability, one can heal or harm another.

Characters Edit

Limits Edit

Shawn was able to use his ability in two ways: a benevolent way, and a malevolent way. He usually used his ability to heal people at a foundation at the 4400 Center, or whenever he felt threatened he used it to suck away life force. Shawn was able to heal a bird with a broken neck unintentionally, but was later able to heal people with cancer and all sorts of diseases.

The 4400 Abilities edit

Ability neutralizationAlternate reality projectionAnimal ControlAnxiety ReliefAstral ProjectionBlood Oxygen ControlBody duplicationBody Temperature ControlClaircognizanceCompel worshipEidetic MemoryElectricity ControlEmpathyEmpathic PostcognitionEnhanced physiologyFear inductionGenetic healingGill breathingHallucination inductionHallucinogenic scenariosInduced precognitionInduced unconsciousnessInvisibilityLife force manipulationLuminescenceMemory ErasureMetabolism accelerationMind ControlMusical Instrument ProficiencyOptical CamouflageOxidationPheromone DetectionPhytokinesisPollution eliminationPotential realizationPrecognitionProbability AlterationPromicin diffusionPsychosis inductionPyrokinesisRage InciterRegenerationRejuvenation Liquid SecretionRemote ViewingScent TrackingSense ManipulationSonic screamSuper intelligenceTechnopathyTelekinesisTelepathyTelepathic ProjectionTeleportationThermokinesisToxin-emitting sporesTransmutationTruth CompulsionVocal persuasionWater manipulation


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