Kathy Weir
Portrayed by Iris Quinn
First appearance Try The Pie
In-story statistics
Ability Telekinesis
Home Promise City, WA
Significant other Paul Weir

Character History Edit

Try The Pie Edit

Kathy Weir was an ordinary woman who met and fell in love with Paul when she was younger. After only two weeks of knowing him, he asked her to marry him, and she accepted, and they lived a happy life together.

When Jordan Collier distributed promicin to the world, Kathy and Paul both agreed to take the shot together. They both survivied the shot. She gained telekinesis and he gained pyrokinesis. When promicin was decreed to be illegal, Kathy and Paul were forced to go on the run from the government to avoid arrest, and, along with 98 other promicin-positives, were led by Collier to Evanston and began to work building a utopia, with Kathy owning the local diner, and became famous for her apple pie, made from apples she took from trees with her ability and a special "aftertaste", a substance created by one of their number that allowed them to share memories. This allowed the community to eliminate the need for secrets and helped improve relationships within the town.

Under Collier's orders, Kathy left Evanton with her husband and the other followers and departed to Seattle and now lives in Promise City.

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