Portrayed by Brady Schlecker
First appearance Till We Have Built Jerusalem
In-story statistics
Ability Scent Tracking
Occupation Delta Force Soldier

Henders is an enhanced (P-Positive) soldier.

Character History Edit

Till We Have Built Jerusalem Edit

Henders is a soldier in the U.S. Army that was assigned to the Delta Force, and later recruited into the enhanced soldier program following Haspelcorp's downfall and Jordan Collier's rise to power. Henders gained the ability to track enemy targets from miles away via scent, and was assigned to Captain Aquino's team of enhanced soldiers, numbering 6 in total, to do high priority law-enforcement tasks on behalf of the government.

When Collier seized control of a piece of Seattle, declaring it Promise City, Aquino led his team, including Henders, to NTAC and explained they were tasked to assassinate Collier to end his revolution.

Upon arrival at the perimeter of Promise City, disguised as civilians, Riva disabled the psychic defense beacons and Henders was then told by Aquino to use his ability of tracking via a person's scent to lead them to Collier.

With Henders' help, the team located Collier's command bunker, and cornered Collier and two of his bodyguards. Unfortunately, Collier was tipped off to the raid by Maia Skouris, and one of his bodyguards used his power of thermokinesis to make them drop their rifles and Evee knocked them unconscious.

Henders and the others were taken prisoner and, after refusing to join his followers, Collier took their powers away and had Isabelle Tyler escort Henders and the others out of Promise City.

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