Heather Tobey is one of The 4400 with a rather unique power.

Heather Tobey
Heather Tobey
Portrayed by Kathryn Gordon
First appearance Try The Pie
In-story statistics
Ability Potential realization
Disappeared Mar. 2, 1974
Occupation School teacher

A school teacher, Heather disappeared March 2, 1974. Her ability is to allow people to realize their full potential with regard to any special talent they may have. She unlocked artistic potential in several of her students. After several parents complained about their children being "altered," she quit. In the third season, she works at the 4400 Center's school. While taking the promicin inhibitor, her ability only worked on children, but without the inhibitor she can help adult 4400s focus their abilities, e.g., she helped Richard Tyler gain greater control over his telekinetic abilities.

She now works as an assistant to Shawn Farrell at the 4400 Center.

Power Edit

Heather was able to bring out the talents of her students with her ability. Her ability would allow her to see a light inside the child and make it stronger, thereby bringing out their talents. This was also the case with people with abilities, with a few sessions with Richard Tyler. She helped bring out the potential of his telekinetic ability.

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