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A private defense contracting company of which Dennis Ryland is an executive[1].

The disgraced former-NTAC Regional Director Dennis Ryland was given a job at Haspelcorp following his dismissal due to the involvement in the Promicin inhibitor scandal, where he received a six-figure paycheck and corner-office. Dennis used his remaining friends in the NSA to officially contract Haspelcorp into investigating the mysterious Nova Group, when in fact Dennis simply wanted to use his position to settle the score with hostile 4400's, particularly Nova member Gary Navarro. This new government authority gave Haspelcorp the authority to investigate 4400 terrorists and detain people against their will.

Haspelcorp was eventually the main research and development effort into promicin, the element that gave people 4400-like abilities. This led to many discoveries, including the importance of the Starzl mutation, promicin's 50% mortality rate, and ultimately how to give people 4400-like abilities using promicin shots. The company's promicin stores were created from the blood of Isabelle Tyler, and at its peak numbered 17432 units of promicin in total, enough to last two years if released to the public.

Ryland, along with the government who sought to limit promicin's release, was ordered to begin an enhanced soldier program which would create an army of soldiers with paranormal abilities.

Haspelcorp's activities became steadily more dangerous under Ryland's direction, such as sending a team of agents to assassinate Kevin Burkhoff in an effort to stop his research, but this failed due to his Kevin's new ability.

When the Nova Group, led by the recently resurrected Jordan Collier, stole Haspelcorp's stores of promicin, it not only led to the deaths of all the current enhanced soldiers produced, but Isabelle's rampage in the 4400 Center and subsequent release of promicin to the world. For these catastrophic mistakes, Haspelcorp was ordered by the government to shut down.

Trivia Edit

  • USA Network's abbreviated name for the company is ambiguous. Depending on where you look on their site, it is referred to as either HaspelCorp,[2] Haspelcorp,[3] or Haspel Corp.[4]
  • The corporation's name and logo is seen in the last minute of Graduation Day.
  • Haspel Corporation's building possesses at least 24 floors.[5]

Filming location Edit

The filming location used for HaspelCorp is the Life Sciences Centre at the University of British Columbia, just west of Vancouver. It is home to the university's Life Sciences Institute and one of the medical research facilities on campus.

References Edit

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