Graham Holt
Graham Holt
Portrayed by Cameron Bright
First appearance The Wrath of Graham
In-story statistics
Ability Compel worship

Graham Holt is an unpopular high school student who took a promicin shot. When Graham became increasingly drunk on his new power and used it to take control of Seattle, Jordan Collier neutralized his ability.

Character History Edit

The Wrath of Graham Edit

Graham Holt was a lonely unpopular high school student who took a promicin shot in hopes of becoming special. After lamenting in his journal that after taking the shot he has not developed any abilities, he slowly begins to realize that the people around him suddenly find him fascinating and will follow his every desire. In gym class Gram expresses displeasure at playing dodge ball, his gym teacher immediately asks what he would like to play and after Gram tells the class that he would prefer to thumb wrestle, the entire class pairs up and begins thumb wrestling. Later that night almost the entire student body appears at Grams house wearing his clothes and wanting to be around him and make him happy. NTAC is called to the school by the principle who tells Tom Baldwin that the valedictorian wrote an essay as to why Gram Holt is the most important figure since Jesus Christ. Gram is surrounded by followers wearing his clothes and hanging onto his every word taking notes as to his favorite band, TV on the radio, when the agents try to bring him in. The agents are stopped by the mob that has formed around them in Grams defense. Later, when NTAC returns with military backup, Grams ability has converted the entire town. The residents set up roadblocks claiming that they will defend Gram with there lives. Gram converts the soldiers at the barricades and moves beyond the town slowly taking over all Seattle, broadcasting a message across the city to not fight, just submit and "have more purpose". At city hall Gram announces "I am the king of Seattle" to which the entire crowd bows to him. Jordan Collier turns himself over to Gram for conversion but to Grams shock he is unaffected. Jordan places his hand on Gram and removes the promicin from his body, removing his ability and releasing all Grams followers. Gram, now powerless, is subsequently arrested.

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