Tom and Diana investigate a 4400 whose ability to increase the human bodies' metabolism just may be this weight-conscious world's answer to the ultimate fat-burner.

Weight of The World
Season Two, Episode 203
Airdate 19 Jun 2005
Written by Scott Peters
Directed by Oz Scott
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Voices Carry
Suffer The Children


After a 16-year absence, 4400 Trent Appelbaum returns to find his wife has passed away, leaving their daughter with a heavy financial burden. But Trent's luck soon takes a turn for the better when he accidentally discovers his ability to speed up weight-loss at an exponential rate. Now Fortune 500 companies are practically knocking down his door, each willing to pay top dollar for the right to put Trent's ability on the open market, but ultimately, Trent's ability turns deadly for the people who sample it. Meanwhile, Richard, Lily, and Isabelle find a respite from their life on the road at the home of a fellow 4400; at the 4400 Center, a celebrity pop star joins Collier's cause; and as Kyle attempts to catch up on his teenage years by attending a frat party, he learns that too much fun can be dangerous.

Cast and Characters Edit

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