Tiny Machines
Season Four, Episode 412
Tiny Machines
Airdate 9 Sept 2007
Written by Ira Steven Behr, Craig Sweeny
Directed by Allison Liddi-Brown
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Ghost In The Machine
The Great Leap Forward

Meghan and Diana discover a way to extract the future entity out of Tom, which could cost him his life. Meanwhile, Shawn recruits a small band of Promicin positives to bust Kevin out of Promise City. And Isabelle delivers Jordan Collier into the hands of The Marked.

Synopsis Edit

Diana and Meghan agree that Tom Baldwin is definitely Marked. They fly to Canada to meet with Curtis Peck to ask him if there is any way of helping Tom. Curtis isn't a scientist but knows that "tiny machines" will help. Marco determines that "tiny machines" equates to nanites.

Danny finally comes to see Shawn after hearing about the test which will determine if someone can safely take a promicin shot. Kevin Burkhoff reads Danny's brain scan and determines that Danny will survive the shot. Danny takes the shot with seemingly no ill effects. But then something similar to what happened to Devon Moore happens to Susan Farrell. She may have taken the shot and died from it.

Isabelle Tyler effortlessly takes down Collier's bodyguards and brings him to Tom. Tom and Jordan debate which future would be better. Tom claims that his people were able to survive while everyone else died. Collier knows that the Brutal and Powerful Elite just walled themselves off while the rest of the world died.

Diana shoots Tom after he flees into a grocery store backroom. She is then able to take him to a hotel room where she, Meghan, Marco, and Shawn work to remove the mark.

Tess and Kevin proclaim their love for each other.

Cast and Characters Edit

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