Tom and Diana investigate a 4400 junior high school teacher accused of child abuse.

Suffer The Children
Season Two, Episode 204
Suffer The Children
Airdate 26 Jun 2005
Written by Frederick Rappaport
Directed by Vincent Misiano
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Weight of The World
As Fate Would Have It

Synopsis Edit

Back after 30 years, "4400" junior high school teacher Heather Tobey has unearthed her ability as a muse to bring out virtuoso-level talent in art and music in certain students. Although seen as an amazing feat by most of the parents in the community, a small minority find her skill threatening - and a possible danger to their children. These malcontents bring up charges of child abuse against Heather in order to bar her from teaching, and one of the students poses a different kind of threat to Heather when she fails to find the light inside of him.

Meanwhile, Richard is caught off-guard when he is recognized as an "AWOL 4400" and arrested by a police officer, but in the end receives help from an unlikely source: Jordan Collier; Shawn gets involved with a group of homeless teenage runaways; and Kyle's episodes of lost time become more frequent.

Cast and Characters Edit


The phrase is taken from the Bible, and Christ's instruction to allow (suffer) the children to come to him.

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