Richard comes to Promise City to reunite with Isabelle.

Daddy's Little Girl
Season Four, Episode 409
Daddy's Little Girl
Airdate 12 Aug 2007
Written by Ira Steven Behr, Amy Berg
Directed by Nick Copus
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Synopsis Edit

It's late. Tom is at home alone. There's a knock at the door -- It's Meghan. She's come over to Tom's place to vent. Meghan found a flyer advocating promicin use on her windshield. She's worried the government is not only losing the war over promicin in the field, but from a public relations standpoint as well. Meghan and Tom talk for a few hours.

Meghan asks Tom about the mole behind his left ear that he got from the Marked. She heard he had it removed. Tom turns to show her the scar. As Meghan leans in, her eyes meet Tom's and they kiss. Things escalate and the two end up spending the night together.

Meanwhile, Richard Tyler comes to Promise City in order to reunite with Isabelle. But the happy reunion takes a turn when Richard kidnaps his daughter.

Isabelle tries to convince Richard to let her go but he refuses. Isabelle soon discovers that she is starting to age backwards. Richard reveals that the water he has been giving her was made by another 4400 (Cora Tomkins). It reverses the aging process . As Isabelle gets younger she'll also lose all her memories. Richard wants to literally give his daughter a second chance. To have the childhood she missed. But Isabelle doesn't want to start over. She's made peace with her past, and made a life for herself in Promise City - a life she doesn't want to give up. But Richard is convinced he is doing the right thing.

Back in Promise City, Jordan works with NTAC in order to track Richard Tyler down. Frustrated with the investigation's lack of progress, Kyle takes off on his own to find her.

Kyle eventually finds Richard and Isabelle in a cabin in the woods. NTAC arrives shortly after him. Richard uses his ability to fend off Kyle and NTAC. He escapes with Isabelle, who is now eight years old.

In other events, Kevin Burkhoff calls Shawn for help when Tess Doerner has a schizophrenic episode and uses her ability to take control of patrons at a diner. Shawn and Kevin are able to talk Tess into letting the patrons go and Shawn uses his ability to cure Tess of her schizophrenia. Later, Shawn offers Kevin and Tess a home at the 4400 Center. Kevin reveals that he is working on a test that will tell someone if they will live or die from a promicin shot.

Meanwhile, Tom discovers that his mole has grown back.

Unused Sub-plot Edit

The episode was running long and they had to lose about three minutes of air-time. The story revolved around an NTAC sting operation to nab a high-ranking promicin dealer. They'd posted a phony listing on Craigslist and Agent Garrity went undercover as a potential "buyer" to smoke out the dealer. As it turns out, the promicin pusher was none other than Will, the homeless man we saw handing out shots in last year's season finale. They would have given Will the ability to "speak over 27 languages... so far." [1]

Cast and Characters Edit

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