Elizabeth Bailey
Elizabeth Bailey
Portrayed by Sheila Paterson
First appearance Pilot
In-story statistics
Date of death Deceased
Residence Nursing home
Significant other Orson Bailey

Elizabeth Bailey (née Wyler) is Orson Bailey's late wife.

Character HistoryEdit


In 1979, Orson comments to Gregory Kensington that he'll be having his anniversary dinner with Elizabeth. However, soon after, he is abducted.

In the present time, the returned Orson visits Elizabeth at a nursing home. Elizabeth asks where he's been all this time, but Orson reminds her that he's back now. However, the next time he visits the nursing home, he finds that Elizabeth's cubicle is being cleaned out. Alan Kushner informs him that Elizabeth had died, throwing him into a violent rage.

Later, Orson goes to the Wyler Summer Cabin in order to mourn his wife.

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