Daniel Armand is a 4400 and a member of the Nova Group.

Daniel Armand
Daniel Armand
Portrayed by Ian Tracey
First appearance The New World
In-story statistics
Ability Psychosis Induction
Disappeared July 20, 1990

Character History Edit

Daniel Armand, disappeared July 20, 1990.(Insane). Leader/Spokesman of the Nova Group. Paranormal abilities: Can induce psychosis through a limited form of telepathy. Daniel convinced Shawn to help create the Nova Group through funding as Shawn believed a defensive force of 4400's was needed after the promicin-inhibitor scandal. When Daniel resorted to terrorist means, Shawn became an enemy of the group and sold them out to NTAC. Daniel later sought vengeance against Shawn for his betrayal, and used his ability to make him schizophrenic. Isabelle Tyler hunted Daniel down as vengeance, and after forcing him to undo the damage, Isabelle turned Daniel's ability against himself, driving him insane.

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