Christopher Dubov
Christopher Dubov
Portrayed by Kevin McNulty
First appearance Gone, Part II
In-story statistics
Ability Pheromone Detection
Disappeared June 29, 1999
Residence Seattle, Washington
Occupation Lawyer
Children Michael (son)

Christopher Dubov is a corporate lawyer from Seattle, Washington. He is also one of The 4400.

Character History Edit

Episode:Gone, Part II Edit

Tom Baldwin and Diana Skouris were assigned to investigate Christopher Dubov being attacked outside his home. Tom and Diana learn from Dubov that he was attacked by his son Michael because Dubov's ability broke him and his ex-wife up. His ability allows him to smell the individual pheromones everyone secretes and match people who smell similar. Dubov used his ability to match his ex-wife and dentist. Dubov goes on to say that he found a waitress that smells like his son and that Michael may forgive him if he matches them.

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