Chelah Horsdal
Chelah Horsdal
Character Jeanine
Date of birth 19 June 1973
Origin Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Gender Venus symbol red
IMDb profile

Chelah Horsdal is the actress who portrays Jeanine in the episode, Wake-Up Call.

About Edit

Chelah moved to the Caribbean and returned to Canada in 2002 where she then began her acting career. She has since appeared in over 75 commercials, multiple films and TV series. She wrapped lead & supporting roles on "Three Weeks, Three Kids" "On Strike For Christmas," "Marley & Me; The Puppy Years." & Lifetime's The Client List, co-starring Jennifer Love Hewitt & Cybil Sheppard, plus back-to-back lead roles in Lying To Be Perfect and Mrs. Miracle.

Additional credits include leads on the feature Burning Mussolini, Nickelodeon's Gym Teacher: The Movie, co-starring Christopher Meloni & Amy Sedaris, Flirting With Forty with Heather Locklear and the FOX TV pilot The Virgin of Akron, Ohio.

Supporting leads include AVP2: Requiem for 20th Century Fox and Possession alongside Sarah Michelle Gellar, as well as Elegy with Ben Kingsley & Penélope Cruz and Rise of the Planet of the Apes with John Lithgow & James Franco. Her performances in the short films Dark Room (2006) and "The Hostage" (2010) both earned Leo nominations for Best Performance. Recurring roles include the critically acclaimed Battlestar Galactica, Exes & Ohs, The L Word, Stargate: SG1, Saved, DaVinci's Inquest, Whistler, Blackstone, and, most recently, "Clue."

Trivia Edit

  • Daughter of legendary Canadian folk singer Valdy.
  • She refuses to drink bottled water, opting instead to use a reusable container.
  • Chelah first appeared as a model in local television commercials.

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