Charles Culp
Portrayed by Roger Cross
First appearance Lockdown
In-story statistics
Occupation Major in the U.S. Army

Character History Edit

Lockdown Edit

Charles Culp was a Major in the U.S. Army recruited into the NSA's Field Enforcement Division to lead a team of 5 commandos, including himself, into hostile situations related to the 4400. In preparation, they underwent comprehensive, often painful training to survive physical attack and psychological pressure tactics.

In response to NTAC's 8-month-long request for tactical support following the crisis with Jean DeLynn Baker, Culp and his team were loaned to NTAC to provide tactical support when needed, and Culp, despite his hard nature, formed a friendship with Tom Baldwin.

When T.J. Kim launched a terrorist attack on NTAC Headquarters mere minutes after Culp's addition to the agency, Culp and his team promptly took charge, declaring the attack as a military situation, and after ordering another commando, Cartwright, to restrain the irate agents, Culp and the other three NSA Agents went to NTAC's Medical Lab to exterminate all of the 4400 in an effort to end the attack, ignoring Tom's warnings about not being able to resist a 4400 ability and be careful of a little girl trapped in the building. When Culp and his team reached the medical lab, killing three NTAC Agents as they went because of the effect of the "Rage Bomb" signal, all they found was Roger Wolcott. After learning he was a 4400, Culp was driven to shoot and kill him. Culp and his team tracked the fleeing 4400s to the gym, and then promptly tried to break the poorly-barricaded door down. Tom arrived at that moment, and after repeatedly shooting Culp, he tackled and knocked out another commando. Culp survived due to his body armor, but his gun was empty after killing several people and so he physically attacked Tom, but was defeated.

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