Carmen Moore
Carmen Moore
Character Stacey Papequash
Date of birth 24 Dec. 1972
Origin Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada
Gender Venus symbol red
IMDb profile

Carmen Moore is the actress who portrays Stacey Papequash in the episode, Weight of the World.

About Edit

Carmen Moore was born in Burnaby, B.C., Canada, and lived in various cities in the Lower Mainland until Grade 5 when her family moved to Coquitlam, BC. Carmen fell in love with theater in high school after performing in Port Moody Sr. Secondary's 'Leader of the Pack'. After high school she joined the Spirit Song Native Theater Co., and worked with them for 9 months. She was hired on an act of faith for Theater New Brunswick's Young Company tour in '92 and got rave reviews.

Her next gig was Fend Players "Danceland", which she was nominated for a Jessie Richardson award, for best supporting actress. Continuing her work in theater, as well as starting to audition for TV and film, she was booking gigs left and right. For Firehall Arts Centre's "Someday" she was nominated for another Jessie, this time for best actress.

She was nominated for "First Americans in the Arts" award, for her role as Chewlynndit in Brothers of the Frontier. She played Deputy Molly Bloom, a recurring role on "Wolf Lake"; Sherry Goodstriker on "Tom Stone", and Rita George on "Nothing Too Good for a Cowboy".

She played Dawn Star, the wife of the "Great Zamboni" (aka Ben Kingsley), in the movie Spooky House, and played Tri-Jema in the fourth season of critically acclaimed "Andromeda". In 2004 she worked with John Woo for the TV series The Robinsons: Lost in Space; in 2005 had a role in The Martian Child with John Cusack. In "Godiva's", she plays Simone, the mysterious, sexy bartender of a restaurant in Yaletown, Vancouver, British Columbia. Carmen was nominated for her performance in this at the 2006 Leo Awards, British Columbia's film and television awards. Carmen won the Women in Film and Video's Artistic Merit Award for her portrayal of Rebecca in the Canadian independent feature Unnatural & Accidental, which received honorable mention for Best Canadian Film in the 2006 Vancouver International Film Festival. Carmen recently had a guest appearance on Smallville, and continues to work in television and film in both Vancouver and Los Angeles.

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