Carl Morrissey
Carl Morrissey2
Portrayed by David Eigenberg
First appearance The New and Improved Carl Morrissey
In-story statistics
Ability Enhanced Physiology
Disappeared Feb. 16, 2003
Date of death Deceased
Home Seattle, WA.
Occupation Supermarket stocker
Significant other Grace Morrissey

Carl Morrissey is a 4400 returnee. He is a humble supermarket worker who turns vigilante when he discovers his favorite park has been overrun by muggers and vandals.

Character History Edit

The New and Improved Carl Morrissey Edit

Carl Morrissey was the most-recently known about abducted member of the 4400. Following the 4400's return and release from quarantine, Carl went back to his wife and his old job at the local supermarket, but was dismayed over how much his old neighborhood had decayed due to street crime. Carl initially wished to clean up the neighborhood, starting with Bradley Park where he proposed to Grace and enjoyed picnics, but Grace warned him not to go into the park at night due to roving bands of street thugs and muggers. Carl agreed, but later that evening, while walking home from the shop, entered the park and visited the bench where he proposed to Grace on, and began enjoying his memories, when he was suddenly attacked by muggers. A fight broke out and Carl suddenly effortlessly beat up the muggers badly and went home. While talking to Grace, Carl suddenly realized that his new strength and reflexes were his power, and vowed to clean up the neighborhood as a vigilante, believing that the people from the future wanted him to do it, ignoring his wife's warnings and fears over his safety. He went back the next night, proceeding to remove the many layers of graffiti on the statues and ornaments, saving a woman from being raped in the process from a large gang.

Homeland Security began investigating the mysterious vigilante, and soon zeroed in on Carl. Carl went back a third time, discovering a gang of street punks re-doing their graffiti, and Carl, enraged, proceeded to attack them. He successfully defeated the gang, but was stabbed by one of the members with a large knife. Grace, leading Homeland Security agents Tom Baldwin and Diana Skouris to Carl, found him on same bench he proposed to her on and rushed to his side. Carl lamented that he really thought he could make a difference, and, believing he was wrong on the future people's intentions for him, died in Grace's arms.

Soon after his death, his neighbors, co-workers and friends, inspired by Carl's efforts to help the neighborhood, banded together and formed a neighborhood watch organization, and successfully rid the area of crime, as part of the ripple effect, which was Carl's destiny after all.

Special Ability: Enhanced physiology Edit

Carl possessed an enhanced physical condition which granted him enhanced strength, speed, durability, stamina, agility, reflexes, and instincts.

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