Avery Tiplady
Character Peter Sumlin
Date of birth 8 Mar 1995
Origin Richmond, British Columbia, Canada
Gender Mars symbol blue
IMDb profile

Avery Tiplady is the actor who portrays Peter Sumlin in the episode Wake-Up Call.

About Edit

Avery Tiplady is a child actor. Tiplady was born in Richmond, British Columbia. He is actress Brittany Tiplady's younger brother, and is the son to Scott and Susana Tiplady.

Filmography Edit

  • 2007 - Traveler as 10 year old kid (episode : "The Out")
  • 2005 - Capote as Alvin Dewey Jr.
  • 2005 - The 4400 as Peter Sumlin (episode "Wake-Up Call")
  • 2003 - Stealing Christmas as a kid
  • 2003 - Dead Like Me as little boy in car (episode : "Curious George")
  • 2002 - Special Unit 2 as Focus group boy (episode : "The Piper")

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